CIPOA - VI Iberoamerican Conference on Advanced Oxidation Technologies


Thematic Areas

● AOTs applied to the treatment of contaminated soil,
● AOT applied to air decontamination and prevention of air pollution,
● AOTs applied to water treatment for human consumption and wastewater decontamination,
● AOTs to support relevant interlinkages between Water, Energy, Food, Health, and its Climate and Ecosystem Nexus,
● Photochemical and Non-photochemical AOTs in homogeneous phase (ozonation in alkaline media, O3/HO-; ozonation with hydrogen peroxide, O3/H2O2; Fenton (Fe2+/H2O2 or Fe3+/H2O2); Persulfate; Electro-oxidation; Electro-Fenton; Electrohydraulic discharge – ultrasound; wet air oxidation),
● Photochemical and Non-photochemical AOTs in heterogeneous systems (catalytic ozonation, catalytic wet oxidation; electrocatalysis, etc.)
● Solar fuels and solar-driven AOTs,
● Contactors/photoreactors configurations (bubble columns; tubular photoreactors; membrane photoreactors; micro-photoreactors; solar collectors; etc.)
● Photocatalysis/Electrocatalysis for organic synthesis,
● Modelling and simulation of AOTs,
● Integration of AOTs with biological oxidation, adsorption, membrane separation, etc,
● Process intensification,