CIPOA - VI Iberoamerican Conference on Advanced Oxidation Technologies

Invited Speakers

Achim Ried
Xylem Services GmbH Germany
Talk: Role of AOPs in wastewater reuse treatment solutions: Implementation of EU-Reuse Regulation

C.T. Aravindakumar
Mahatma Gandhi University, Índia
Talk: Elucidation of reaction mechanisms in Advanced Oxidation Processes: Synergy of steady state and fast reaction techniques

Cauê Ribeiro de Oliveira
Embrapa - Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation, Brazil
Talk: Global Warming, Energy Transition and Sustainable Agriculture: The Role of Photocatalytic Materials in shaping the future

Cláudia L Bianchi
Università degli Studi di Milano, Italy
Talk: Innovative Floating Photocatalysts for Sunlight Harvesting. Towards a Sustainable Water Remediation, Healthier Lives, and Reduced Environmental Impact for Remote Communities

Enrique Rodriguez-Castellón
University of Malaga, Spain
Talk: Applications of X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy for Catalytic and Photocatalytic Studies

Félix Javier Hernández-Hernández
University Jaume I, Spain
Talk: Identification of organic micropollutants degradation products in the aquatic environment by high resolution mass spectrometry

Frédéric Violleau
Université de Toulouse - INP-Ecole d'Ingénieurs de Purpun Toulouse, France
Talk: Ozone applications in agriculture and agrifood

Manuel A Rodrigo
Universidade de Castilla La Mancha, Spain
Talk: On the way of increasing TRL in electrochemical advanced processes

Marcia Walquiria de Carvalho Dezotti
Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Talk: Revealing the by-products formed during ozonation and its consequences

Maria Francisca da Costa Moreira
Faculty of Engineering of University of Porto, Portugal
Talk: Cutting-edge electrochemical technologies for the production of value-added substances

Marta Litter
Universidad Nacional de Gral. San Martín, Argentina
Talk: TiO2 photocatalytic removal of hexavalent chromium and arsenic

Miguel A. Modestino
New York University (NYU).
Talk: Decarbonization of the chemical industry through electrification: Barriers and opportunities

Natan Padoin
Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Brazil
Talk: Hybrid methods for the optimization of photo- and electrochemical reactors

Nicolas Keller
Institut de Chimie et Procédés pour l'Energie, l'Environnement et la Santé (ICPEES), CNRS/Université de Strasbourg, France
Talk: Light-driven heterogeneous catalysts for the environmental and energy transitions.

Pedro J. J. Alvarez
Rice University, USA
Talk: Innovation in Advanced Oxidation Processes: Enhancing Selectivity to Improve Removal Efficiency with Lower Energy Requirements

Renato Falcão Dantas
University of Campinas UNICAMP, Brazil
Talk: The Role of Ozonation in Environmental Protection and Human Health: A Comparative Analysis between Iberoamerica and the Rest of the World.

Santiago Esplugas
Universitat de Barcelona, Spain
Talk: Perspectives on Advanced Oxidation Processes for Water and Wastewater Treatments

Sílvio Edegar Weschenfelder
Petrobras, Brasil
Talk: The Challenges of University-Industry Interaction: Perspectives and Opportunities in the Implementation of Advanced Oxidation Technologies

Special Session - Tribute to Professor Dionysios (Dion) Dionysiou

Dionysios (Dion) Dionysiou
University of Cincinnati, USA
Tribute to Professor Dionysios (Dion) Dionysiou
Invited speaker: Professor Gianluca Li Puma (Loughborough University, UK)